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Find out your personality type or those of your friends, people you know, family members, colleagues…

You will know more in only 10 minutes. If you are in a hurry, try out Winkler‘s short test.

All tests are 100% free and anonymous. The costs for the database and programming are borne by the association.


Who am I?

Test for the Primary Type

This test is protected by copyright.
© Werner Winkler, 2001–2004.
It may not be used for commercial purpose without written approval.

The contributions from the following persons to the first interactive version (January – April 2004) are deeply appreciated: Ritva Abao, Michael Antrack, Martin Blankenhorn, Bärbel Diemer, Silke Dinter, Dr. Dietmar Friedmann, Dijana und Peter Gerber, Holger Hägele, Olaf Hartke, Andreas Horsch, Susanne Huber, Silvia Johannes, Ute Kunzmann, Sonja Maahs, Kerstin Mantey, Eckart Morat, Karin Rudolph, Gerd Rückert, Martina Schmidt, Tanja Schmitt, Dr. Wolfgang Schwarz, Marion Thaiss, Petra Vogel, Gaby Vogelsang, Padma O'Mara, Ines Weber, Simeon Winkler, Gerhard Wisst, Jutta Woller.

English translation by Nancy Mandody.

Test for the Subtype

Field of Relations

Field of Time

Field of Activity

These tests are protected by copyright.
© Werner Winkler, Fellbach, 2005.

In the Spring of 2005, these tests were formulated with the professional support of Jutta Deiß, Stefanie Neumüller, Tanja Schmitt, Marion Thaiss, Petra Vogel and Michael Antrack.

English translation by Nancy Mandody.